The Book is Being Released in March!

God of My HeartA deep thank you to the youth who contributed to this amazing book.  It is your words, your feelings, your art, your gift to the world that has made this book what it is.  It is our hope that this book will be used by youth, youth leaders, young adults, church leaders, and beyond.

From the back of the book…
“This is an honest book, a book of prayers written by youth, for youth.  In their own words, young people give voice not only to their faith, but also to their fear, hope, failings, regret, longing, joy and passion.

“Even better, in this new version of God of My Heart, compilers and authors Connie Wlaschin and The Rev. Shannon Kelly offer helps on the road to prayer: the nuts and bolts of prayer, suggested ways to pray, how to incorporate prayer into the church year, how to pray in all the places that life takes us…and all of it in a down-to-earth, practical language.

“Whether you are a teenager longing to draw closer to God, a young adult struggling with prayer, an adult wanting to understand young people’s needs and hopes, or a youth leader looking for creative ways to engage your group members in prayer, this book is an invaluable resource.”

You can find it at Church Publishing and at Amazon.


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