Expression, not Perfection

Over the last few months, as I have been working on this project, I’ve heard from a number of youth and youth leaders who express concern that their prayers and artwork won’t be “good enough.” That they didn’t know if their grammar or form or drawings would be what we are looking for in this project.

We don’t want a “perfect” prayer or artwork. We’re not looking for correct grammar or punctuation.  We’re not looking for the perfect piece of art.  We’re not looking for profound insights or completely formed theology.

We are looking for honest expression.  We are looking for your words and images that express who you are and who God is for you in your life right now.

Ten Minute Challenge
Take 10 minutes during your day, or at the end of your next youth group, or at the beginning of your next meeting and create a prayer. Right now, in the next 10 minutes, write a prayer.  Don’t think about what you are writing or drawing.

If you want to give structure to your 10 minutes, you can do something like this.

  • Take one minute to be silent.
  • After one minute, write for five minutes. Write anything and everything that comes to mind. Direct your writing to God and see what happens.
  • After five minutes of writing stop and read what you read.
  • Take the next few minutes to finish up in whatever way you need to.

Offer up your prayer either silently or out loud.

We would love to see your prayers!


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